julio room


The julio room has been developed to reflect the trend for privacy seating within office spaces by adding an adjoining wall and acoustic canopy to the standard high back sofa.


A multifunctional furniture solution to create a private space to relax or use with another sofa to form a meeting area. The high-sided upholstery also provides sound dampening and a sense of enclosed space for team meetings or a work base for the day suitable for collaborative and touchdown areas.

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Julio is a soft seating range comprising free standing and modular upholstered elements. Designed for the office, hospitality, leisure and contract markets, Julio has a crisp geometric aesthetic which is accentuated by the chamfered arm detail. Available in lowback and highback options, Julio can be arranged into a variety of configurations and installations.


The upholstery has been designed to provide a versatile seating system for architects and designers to create various fabric combinations and colourways.


A timber leg frame has been recently added to the design to move the seating range into the hotel environment and the chrome rod leg gives the seating a more contemporary feel for the modern hotel interior.


Coffee tables complement the soft seating and are available in different sizes and top finishes.


Design: Jason Lansdale

h| 380 d| 500 w| 1200
h| 750 d| 670 w| 1200
h| 750 d| 670 w| 1520
h| 1250 d| 670 w| 1520
h| 1950 d| 670 w| 1520